Umberto Cavenago

Umberto Cavenago was born in Milan in 1959, where he still lives and works. Architectural studies and craft work in contact with the matter are decisive for its education. His style is based on the use of mechanical carpentry tools and his works are the result of a specialized workmanship. The technique, which follows a careful and capable design, is an expression of itself as much as the aesthetic aspect. Often the sensorial stimulus is relevant, which stimulates, sometimes in a violent way, the reaction of the spectator almost as a necessity to reactivate an interrupted communication. Umberto Cavenago’s interventions also concern some aspects of the urban environment or the constructed buildings, going utopically and ironically to want to correct, modify or move parts of the landscape, usually immobile and practical-purposed.

Umberto Cavenago’s personal exhibitions have been held in institutions such as: Ridotto del Teatro Manzoni, Monza (2001), National Gallery of Modern Art, Rome (1996), Oratorio di S. Sebastiano, Forlì (1989).

Among the group exhibitions in institutions: Center of Contemporary Art – Castello di Rivara, Turin (2014), Museum of Contemporary Art Villa Croce, Genoa (2012), Villa d’Este, Tivoli (2006), The Gladstone Regional Art Gallery & Museum, Gladstone WA (2004), Padiglione d’Arte Contemporanea, Milan (1999), Galleria d’Arte Moderna, Udine (1998), La Triennale, Milan (1997), Centro Luigi Pecci, Prato (1994), Pittsburgh Center of the Arts, Pittsburgh (1992), Centro de Arte Reina Sofia, Madrid (1990).

Umberto Cavenago has also participated in: Rome Quadrenniale and Sao Paulo Biennial (1996), Johannesburg Biennial (1995), Venice Bienniale (1990).

His relationship with Galleria Fumagalli began in 2003 when he set up the exhibition “Cavenago-Milan East 10 minutes”, presenting a single large site-specific work: “Cams II Superfetation” literally invading the lower floor of the gallery with a “Parasite functional” that ran through the entire ceiling and oak logs equipped with a “Creative Fremito” on the ground. In 2006 the volume on the work of Umberto Cavenago was published, which documents his artistic career from the beginning to the most recent works.