mi art 2019
From 5 to 7 April, 2019

Galleria Fumagalli participates in Miart 2019 with a collective exhibition that brings together works by Filippo Armellin, Mattia Bosco, Jannis Kounellis, Chiara Lecca, Maria Elisabetta Novello, Anne & Patrick Poirier, Keith Sonnier, Peter Welz, Richard Wilson and Peter Wüthrich.
The aim is to propose a visual and perceptive reflection on the theme of the surface, challenging the negative prejudice that conceives it as a dimension without extension and volume, as opposed to depth.
The selected works capture, on the one hand, the observable landscape on the surface, identifying for each subject their own presence and consistency, and the relationships established in space; on the other, the stratifications that have occurred and in which the historical factor is intertwined with the territorial conformations in a game of loss and persistence.

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from 5 to 7 April, 2019 | preview 4 April, 2019

Fieramilanocity | Viale Scarampo, gate 5 pad 3, Milan