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The group exhibition NON GIUDICARE is inspired by the traditional figure of archangel Michael, patron of the city of Bagnacavallo, who exhorts to judge things with fairness and not to consider situations only black-and-white. For example, polarities are present in Chiara Lecca’s work that tries to regain the ancestral irrational and wild nature of human being, breaking the contemporary anthropocentric perspective, and emphasising the close link to the animal element ever present in everyday life (food, clothing, cosmetics…). The artist extracts fragments from reality, especially organic matter, re-presenting them in unexpected, ironic compositions which deceive the viewer at first glance and force to question themselves on their way of interacting with nature.

curated by Viola Emaldi
in partnership with Comune di Bagnacavallo
Antico Convento San Francesco, Bagnacavallo (RA)
11 September – 11 October 2020

In the image: Chiara Lecca, Fenders (Frontale #5), 2016. Windshield, fenders, animal skins, 200x150x25 cm. Courtesy Galleria Fumagalli

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