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Senza Figura - Chiara Lecca

Senza Figura - Chiara Lecca

Senza Figura is a self-censorship, a collection of paintings and sculptures that exclude the presence of the body, the most recurrent theme in Nicola Samorì’s work. Chiara Lecca, together with Enrico Minguzzi, Pierpaolo Campanini and Mattia Moreni take nature head on, confronting it in a confrontation that is anything but pacified and fluid, interested rather in its ambiguity, in its semantic implications, in the distortions of the forms that take place in the balance between contemplation and confrontation. The still lifes introduce the subjects chosen for the exhibition at the Monitor venue in Pereto, Senza Figura, in which Samorì plays the dual role of painter and curator, inviting artists close to him in terms of research, dialogue and shared experiences.

Curated by Nicola Samorì
Artists: Pierpaolo Campanini, Chiara Lecca, Enrico Minguzzi, Mattia Moreni, Nicola Samorì
Opening 02.10.2021
Until 14 November



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