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Rossooro by Carla Accardi is part of an original series of curtains made by great Italian artists for the Obihall Theatre in Florence. The idea of commissioning the theatre curtain to contemporary artists arose casually from the conversations between the theatre owners and the gallery owner Santo Ficara; The Obihall Theater, a multifunctional, modern and innovative space, had recently been inaugurated on the ashes of the old Tenda Theatre on the right bank of the Arno. The idea of the curtains has recovered a tradition of Italian classical theatres, transferring it to a contemporary context. Starting this season, the Duse Theatre in Bologna will host, every year, a different curtain from the Obihall Theatre. Therefore it will be possible to admire the entire collection of curtains made by the artists until today and the new ones currently under construction within a few years.

Teatro Duse, Bologna
28 October 2017 – 30 June 2018

Photo: Carla Accardi, Sipario Rossooro. Via

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