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Ghisla Art Collection announces the solo exhibition by Chiara Lecca, “Lick”. On show works from the Fake Marbles series, in which the bladder is shown by the artist as a precious urn, in its most classic symbolism of a container of life, as a womb; Still Life, bunches of flowers made of ears, tails or rabbit legs; Origami, consisting of various sculptures with animal features, where the artist collects leather, furs and carpets that are no longer in use; Joy Machine, which deliberately recalls a large music box to enchant and sleep newborns, from which butterflies hang made with pig ears; Fenders, works with animal and vegetable shapes not well defined, sometimes coupled, painted and covered with various long or shaved furs; Masks, glass domes that contain animal hair allowing to see the eyes and the muzzle of the wild boar, the wild animal domesticated by human being. Other works on display: Rabbits Corporation, Moths and Butterflies, Le tre Grazie and Domestic Economy.

On the occasion the volume LICK is published,in Italian and English, with texts by Annamaria Maggi and Marinella Paderni. The book illustrates the artist’s work from her first experiences to today.

Ghisla Art Collection, Locarno (CH)
3 September 2016 – 8 January 2017

Photo: Chiara Lecca, Fake Marbles, 2013

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