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The Selva Molle exhibition presents works by Chiara Lecca and Nicola Samorì set up in the evocative 17th-century church, now deconsecrated, dedicated to San Rocco and located in the historic centre of Modigliana. The fil rouge of the exhibition is the form of matter as a means of narration between the natural and the transcendental.
Chiara Lecca’s artistic work is mainly installation and sculpture with incursions into photography and video art. She grew up in close contact with nature and the animal world in the grounds of her family’s farm, preserving precious memories that largely mark her artistic work. He focuses his research on the relationship between man and nature in order to highlight the fracture caused by contemporary society. The animal element, in particular, becomes matter for a process of semiotic alteration.

Curated by: Sabrina Samorì
former Church of San Rocco, Modigliana (Forlì Cesena)
4 July – 5 September 2021
Photo: Olimpia Lalli

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