Peter Welz

Peter Welz born in Germany in 1972, lives and works in Berlin. Welz is a German sculptor who, by exploiting new technology, has opened up an original kinetic perspective in plastic arts due to his multimedia choreographic installations continuously moving from sculpture, painting, video, art and dance. His encounter with William Forsythe, on the forefront in contemporary dance, was indeed meaningful. The perfect pair that gave life to a multimedia choreographic work: the human body harmonizing, intersecting and inserting itself perfectly into the essentiality of the sinuous and harmonious lines as expressions of the artist’s artistic expression.

In addition to numerous participations in national and international shows, his most important personal exhibitions include: the Irish Museum of Modern Art, Dublin, “Airdrawing – work in progress” in 2004; The Renaissance Society, Chicago, “Whenever on on on nohow on | airdrawing” in 2005; at the Louvre Museum, the Melpomène Gallery, “[retranslation | final unfinished portrait (francis bacon)]” in 2006 ; at the Senda Gallery, Barcelona, “Peter Welz: model for a video-sculpture & drawings”, in 2007; at Next, Art Chicago, Chicago “Figure inscribing a circle | random collage | split [figure] | single – triple”, in 2008; at the National Gallery of Modern Art, Rome, “working title”; at the Fumagalli Gallery, Bergamo, Italy; in 2009 at the Galleria Nazionale d’Arte Moderna in Rome; in 2013 at the Aichi Triennale in Nagoya in Japan and MOMAT Tokyo; in 2014 at the Galerie Crone: Ausstellung Malaparte Berlin and Weserburg, Museum für Moderne Kunst, Bremen; in 2015 in La Cinémathèque Française in Paris and Foundation Ferrara Arte, Ferrara; in 2016 at the Boris Yeltsin Presidential Center, Ekaterinburg in Russia, and at the Museum of Modern and Contemporary Art, Ferrara.

Peter Welz began collaborating with Galleria Fumagalli in 2005 when one of his works “Architectural device| wall | leaning against a wall | line | disappearing” was shown on the occasion of the “Visioni (Visions)” group show in Bergamo’s ex-church of Saint Augustine.